Cookie Policy

Our Goal

Since our launch, the Price Dash website team have continuously achieved our goal:

To collate and present the UK's best voucher codes and promotions in a clear and simple way.

Although this sounds a simple task, it requires a dedicated team to liaise with many UK stores, travel agents and service providers to bring to you the best possible offers on an daily basis.

What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is very tiny snippet of information that most websites store on a user's computer so that it can remember information about the user, such as items you have added to a shopping basket, or between visits to that website. For example, if you log in to your web based email such as GMail, that website will place a cookie on your computer so that it doesn't forget who you are, thereby avoiding you from having to repeat the laborious log in process should you leave that website and return within an hour or so.

All of the Internet's big websites use cookies as they provide the user with a far more enjoyable and time saving experience.

Price Dash Website and Cookies

The Price Dash website is no different and we created this page to provide complete transparency by sharing with you the details of each cookie.

When somebody visits the Price Dash website and uses one of our offers to earn extra points (by clicking the offer), we occasionally earn a small commission from the store. This commission is often around 2% of the order value and has zero effect on the price that you pay or the points that you earn. It's rate is negotiated completely separately to your shopping order.

It's important at this point to refer back to our goal and highlight that the Price Dash website does not exist just to earn commissions. Many of the companies we feature do not pay us a commission but we promote their points offers anyway. The commission that we receive simply enables us to employ our dedicated team and keep our website up & running.

To ensure that these commissions are tracked and ultimately sent to us and not another website it is necessary to place a cookie on your computer. Without this we would not get paid.

Google Analytics Cookies

In addition to the cookies we need to earn our commission we also use Google Analytics cookies to anonymously track what you like or dislike about our website. These cookies allow us to build statistics on things such as what are the most popular shops or discounts in the UK. Ultimately we improve our Price Dash website by using this information to do more of the good stuff and less of the dull stuff.

Here are the technical details of the Google Analytics that the Price Dash website and many other websites use:

Delete or Block Cookies

It is possible to delete or block cookies on your computer using your Internet browser settings. If you would prefer not to support our website, you may wish to follow these instructions at