The PriceDash User Guide

What Is A Discount Voucher?

This is simply a short code (e.g. XX123) often found in magazines or sent to customers in an email newsletter, a mailing by normal postal mail, a flyer hand-out in a busy town centre, or on some other advertising material.

The code represents an incentive for you to make an online order with the retailer e.g. 10% off.

Every day, hundreds of visitors to send us the promotional codes that they find, ensuring we have all of the very latest Internet savings available in the UK. Our codes are fully sorted in to shopping categories such as fashion, electricals and holidays to enable you to quickly find the codes you require quickly.

How Do I Use One Of These Codes?

The code is often entered at the last stage of an online order, often known as the checkout stage. An extra text box labelled 'promotional code' or something similar is often provided. Here's an example of what the page may look like - we are looking at the Early Learning Centre check out page in this demonstration:

Example Order Checkout Stage

Once you have entered your code, the basket will often update to illustrate that the code has been accepted and will show a lower total price to pay. Occasionally this will not happen but instead you will see details of the discount in your order confirmation email that is sent to your registered email address once you have provided your payment details and completed your order.

Money Saving Glossary Of Terms

  • Discount Code or Voucher - a code that provides a monetary saving such as 10% / £10 or perhaps free delivery. Can be merged to form another popular term: voucher code
  • Promotional Code or Voucher - a code that relates to a specific promotion or product line, e.g. 10% off all bikinis. Occasionally the promotional code will work on other products so it's worth checking
  • Coupon - usually a printed coupon to hand in at the actual store or supermarket, e.g. 12p off bread - but is a term increasingly used to refer to the codes found on our web site, more often by shoppers found over the pond in the US
  • eCoupon - the use of the 'coupon' term that definitely represents the use of a coupon code on the Internet
  • Minimum Order Size - Internet discounts often have a minimum spend threshold before the code will work, e.g. save 10% but only when your total order comes to more than £20
  • Expiry Date - most codes have an expiry date which represents the last day on which the code may be used. For example if a code expires on 23rd November, it will not work after midnight on the 23rd
  • BOGOF - buy one get one free

Where Do I Find The Very Latest Discounts?

How Can I Send You New Discounts?

Simply click here and provide as much detail as possible such as the discount value, any minimum spend required and the all important expiry date.

Are There Any Restrictions On Codes?

We always recommend that you check the terms & conditions of a code on the retailer's web site but we are not aware of any on our web site that are not openly available for use by anybody & everybody.

Why Do These Codes Exist?

Many stores provide these promotional codes in an attempt to encourage you to shop from their web site. The reasons why they do this are numerous, including:

  • To attract new customers with first order discounts
  • To promote a new season collections, a new catalogue or to clear old stock
  • To highlight any short term offers such as free delivery or buy now pay later
  • To gain a competitive advantage over stores offering the same products